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Strategy & Innovation Crafting

Enabling proactive responses to change and developing new opportunities for your business.

We can help you with the following

  • Build an understanding of the changes shaping your organization's short-term and long-term future
  • Enhance the strategic and creative thinking capability of people in your organization
  • Strengthen your organizational strategy development by integrating future scenarios into your processes
  • Prepare your organization to respond more effectively and more proactively to changing environments

Our philosophy

We live in an age of disruptions and exponential development in technologies. The breath-taking changes have a strong impact on how consumers change and behave and how the competitive landscape evolves.

It is increasingly important to create the right conditions for navigating this ocean and paving the way for truly impacting innovations. Your strategies and innovations should be defined within an exponential framework to compete effectively.

But can your company cope with the exponential changes? Does your company have a 21st century approach to innovation and strategy? Are your people and leaders capable of responding to the exponential business environment?

We're part of something bigger

FutureBack is part of the Wilke network. Wilke A/S is a consultancy and analytics firm with offices in Copenhagen and Odense, Denmark.

The Wilke network consists of several units that operate both independently and collectively in order to achieve the best possible results for you.

Being a part of this network, we can offer our customers significantly more resources and a much wider array of products, tools and solutions - all revolving around customer and consumer insights.



Stronger, better and more market proof ideas and concepts.

We facilitate and design workshops that bring your organization, consumers and potential partners together in close collaboration to realize the full potential of your innovations.

Sketching & Prototyping

Bringing ideas and products to life!

Our designers and illustrators create draft versions of concepts, products and apps for user interactions, and a much clearer understanding of whether a solution will solve the job to be done.


Shortcuts to valuable learning.

We help you design a sprint process for your company that will enable you to build and test a prototype within 5 days.

We can provide you with both designers, facilitators and consumer recruitments.

Trend Spotting

Stay steps ahead of what your customers need.

Our team of foresight practitioners we will identify the most important emerging trends and help you craft a strategy or a solution that tap into the future cravings of the consumers.

LEGO© Serious Play©

Stronger, better and more market proof ideas and concepts.

Experience how we will help you craft new strategies and solutions for a better version of your business. All of our facilitators are certified LEGO© Serious Play© designers.


Real people in true contexts.

At the core of many of our innovation processes are people. We don't expect people to tell or show us exactly what they need, but we do know how to translate their behavior, needs and values into well designed concepts and ideas.

Ready to get started?

Feel free to get in touch. We would love to discuss your future.

Send an email to ms@futureback.dk or call us on +45 21 94 27 99.